Universal Matrices


“When most speak of dimensions, they are in fact truly speaking of matrices…” – Aridif

We are starting with Universal Matrices to clear up the following confusion.

The idea of a “higher dimensional plane” is often verbalized as “another dimension”, and they could be perceived as such, but this is not entirely accurate. – Aridif

So what is a Universal Matrix?

“A matrix is a level within a [universal construct] that is it’s own environment” – Aridif

Matrices are parallel realities that have an increasing level of connection to creator energy with each higher matrix.

In our universe, there are 12 of these matrices.

Think of these like the 12 musical notes in the chromatic scale.

Each note is essentially the same thing, sound.

Or in our case, a universe.

But each note sounds different, because as we go up the scale, the vibrations get higher.

As the vibrations go higher in our matrices, the connections of the entities within the universal matrix is enhanced.

The next note up, or in our case universal matrix above will appear very similar to ours, with a physical Earth and even a You, but each piece is more connected to each other and to source.

Together, the matrices form a complete expression of all things the universe wants to experience, just like the 12 notes in the chromatic scale allow musicians to create all the sounds they need to express themselves in song.

In music, these notes interact, but in our universe, these matrices are a bit more separate. We can’t travel through them without going up to the density of the universe itself, 11th density.

We are able, however, to feel and experience them through a 3rd-party perspective.

In-tune beings can peer into the matrix directly above and below by connecting to the universal consciousness, but they can’t really influence them or gain a physical presence there.

The connection between matrices is much more than just a glass wall we can only see through. This connection subtly influences the possibilities that each matrix has on the most fundamental and universal levels.

Though physical interaction is not (commonly) possible, information transfer is possible, and if it’s possible for us to share experience, imagine what’s happening all the time at the lower and higher densities.

The implications of this are unknown, but it’s likely that the range of possible grooves of conscious experience are expanded, with a far greater range, in both connection and separation.

All Matrices are connected through the 11th density, and they all are a part of the universal consciousness.

Aridif has said that the 12th matrix is that of the archangels, (source) which makes me believe that beings at the highest matrices can have slightly more harmonizing influence on the lower matrices, and can reach their love down to be experienced by beings in the lower matrices.

This could mean that our own archangels, and even the archetypes, which harmonize our experiences in this universe are brought into our universal matrix from a the highest matrix.

These presences do have influence on this plane. Although this may seem to contradict what we have said about the inter-matrix barrier, a higher-level matrix (like the 12th/12 matrix) would be in close communication with the 11th density consciousness, meaning consciousness from there could incarnate into our matrix quite easily.

Matrices aren’t as much a part of our daily experience as dimensions and densities, but they do need to be explored for a complete picture of our universal consciousness.

Review and looking forward

Let’s review what we’ve learned.

In our universe there are 12 matrices, each of which enhances each other’s expressive abilities, allowing our experience to be particularly rich, kind of like how different notes create rich musical chords.

Each matrix holds 6 dimensions and 10 densities of consciousness. Combined they make the seventh dimension, and the 11th density. If that makes no sense, don’t worry, it will soon.

Incarnating between matrices is only possible when you reach 11th density, universal consciousness.

Peering up and down into the other matrices is possible, but we cannot physically go into them, or even incarnate into them without going through the 11th density.

You now understand one of the three fundamental components of the universe. Next up, we’ll explore dimensions, and meet my friend Chessie.


Aridif – Ancient Pleiadian