Densities: Ascension and Spiritual Meaning ~~ exclusive!

Densities and Spirituality

Thanks for taking this course through Aquarius Academy. I want to touch on some deeper concepts related to densities that may help you understand and visualize densities in a more practical way.

I hope this helps you discover yourself even more and choose where you want to direct your experiential growth.

Were going to talk about The Nature of Ascension, The Governor of Ascension, Polarization, Different Physical realities, Higher Density DNA, Geometry of Consciousness, Tapping into Higher Density Consciousness, The Spirits of Nature, and Order and Disorder within the universe

Let’s start with The Nature of Ascension

Ascension is going up the levels of densities. When you become the sum of all of the experiences of that density, you ascend.

But what does that mean? Do you have to experience every single human life to evolve to the next level?

Sort of. Remember that densities exhibit fractal geometry. Fractals are made up of smaller versions of themselves, which are made up of smaller versions, and so on. At every level, there are practically countless [nodes] which we’ll call bubbles, because they are the toroidal bubble we talked about in the density lesson. Each bubble has its own ascension pathway to the next density, through its central core. Because each being, or bubble, is unique, their path to ascension is also unique.

Why the central core?

[Show Wiki Gif on Screen]Lets look again at this model, that shows how all information fits into the core of the torus. ]

So what’s ascending through the central core?

The central core is the connection to the next density, which contains all of the information of this density. The actual mechanism of ascension is a resonance between the higher density’s frequency with the lower one’s.

So what does this resonance represent?

The experience of this resonance is explained in the “lesson” of each density. For example, to resonate into the fourth density, we are happy with our decisions, and taking decisions happily, without doubt, guilt, shame, or regret.

To vibrate into the fifth density, we love our entire life experience, even our mistakes and sufferings, and all parts of that life, including everyone we interact with.

How can we understand this in a more visual way?

If we imagine the vibration of one of our toroidal bubbles, we can also imagine the smaller bubbles it’s made of vibrating with the bubble containing them. If we think of this like music, the lower bubbles are playing the same note, just one octave down.

When the smaller bubble can raise its vibration up to the same note and octave as its containing torus, it pops, and now is a part of the higher density.

This happens by bringing the outer edges of the bubble into harmony with the core, because the core is already tuned into the vibration of the density above it.

Let’s return to the original question,

Do you have to experience every single human life to evolve to the next level?

To experience all of life on one level IS the ascension process, but it manifests as a unique experience, because it’s your experience of integrating the lesson that brings your bubble into harmony, and only you can experience this harmony for you.

As we ascend, we tap into the vibration close to the core as we begin to pop our bubble. Close to this central point, we resonate with all life also going through this ascension, so we do experience all human life at the point of ascension, but only the condensed version that vibrates with the lesson of that density. This experience is like a flash of light, a connectedness, and it’s a real shared vibration that connects all brethren bubbles and gives all of the bubbles an easier push through the final pop.

In that connectedness, we all share our experiences, and we all together, become the next density.

So how does this happen in real-life?

In a more realistic model, the true vibration of the higher density bubble gets distorted as we get farther away from the core. This distortion is caused by the core frequency going out and interacting with the smaller bubbles that make up the rest of the bubble shape.

This distortion causes each perspective, each bubble, to have a slightly different path to ascension, or, a different frequency range needed to pop it’s bubble to merge with the higher density.

Another way to understand this is that the uniqueness of a place in the larger toroidal bubble’s expansion is expressed, and even amplified in the bubbles there. So if there is a turbulent place in the galaxy, the stars there will have a more turbulent existence, so will the planets, and beings on that planet. This creates a different ascension process than a place in the galaxy that is very stable.

The Governor of Ascension

All physical beings ascend according to the plan of the ninth-density galactic consciousness.

This makes a lot of sense, as the consciousness of all the beings get summed up to make the consciousness behind the physical makeup of the galaxy itself, the planets and stars. So naturally, the galactic collective governs all physical being’s ascension, as it is the sum of all of the physical beings, stars, and planets.

This makes the ascension process different for each galaxy, and also for each star system, and planet.

You may be wondering, can I incarnate as the galaxy right after this life? Or even as the sun?

According to Aridif, there’s no way to skip a density, or at least it’s never been done in this universe, so it would be impossible to be the milky way without first experiencing life as all levels of physical beings, planets, and stars within the Milky way.

Seems like a lot, right? Well it is. But for this whole lesson we’ve been following a false thought paradigm.

Plot twist

We were thinking only about Ascension, not the Descension of the galactic, solar, and planetary consciousnesses. It’s not only just as important, it’s the key to ascension. Without meeting the descending vibration of the higher density, we can’t raise our vibration to meet it, and therefore can’t ascend to the next level.

This descension is how the creator source came to be all of us. It took a step back, a step down to expand it’s experience.

When we realize we are the descended consciousness of the planet, sun, Milky way, universe, and creator, we recognize our own divinity and connection. We are never separate from what we descended from.

You already are the galactic, the solar, the earth, and the human collective consciousness, right here, right now. You are the one, the source, the infinite creator. You came all the way down, right here right now, to have this unique experience.

There isn’t something to “do” to ascend to be a higher being, or become a planet, a star, or a galaxy. You already are, you just have to be, let it be, let it be.

And everyone here on Earth with you is also the Milky Way, the Sun, and Gaia, and all level of ascended beings. How cool is that?

When we stop trying to act as we think, and instead surrender our beliefs, then we can start being our true being, the one infinite co-creators.

Whether or not we choose to act as we think, or be as we are is the biggest factor in how we polarize our ascension experience.

Polarization in the 3rd to 6th densities

So we just talked about the nature of ascension, and learned that essentially, we need to enter into resonance with the vibration at our core to tune into the density above us to ascend. That can be thought of as a unity experience. In the third, fourth, and fifth densities, we can experience this as unity with the whole, or with a part of the whole, called a separation.

The RA Material uses the term polarization to describe which path we take.

The third density offers the first opportunity to choose a path of unity or separation with source energy.

This separation experience is possible by ascending on a fractal branch instead of the core. We’ll explore what that means in just a bit.

Both of these paths dissolve at the beginning of sixth density, where the illusion of self and others breaks down, and all becomes one. Then we are free to enter into the non-physical densities to experience life as planets, stars, and galaxies.

A main focus of the law of one’s discussion on densities was the service to self path versus the service to others path. In the service to self path, selfish love, separation, and service to self above all else is the mechanism of growth, while in the service to others path, loving, serving, and becoming one with others is the mechanism for this growth.

In the end, the illusion of others must be shed altogether, as unity becomes the experience in sixth density. This causes a barrier to entry into the sixth density for service to self entities, usually manifesting as the entity going back down the densities and changing polarity, or sometimes the entity living at a lower density as long as they can, being afraid of love and of loosing their identity, becoming like a vampire sucking energy just to stay alive.

I will describe polarization in a way that fits my understanding of the 7-11-12 model, but you are more than welcome to study the Ra material to gain their perspective, and adopt what resonates with you.

What can the 7-11-12 model add to the understanding of Polarization that isn’t in the RA material? The RA material describes polarization as service to self vs service to others. I think it’s more accurate to say it is service to some vs service to All. I also prefer the term harmony, Harmony with some vs Harmony with all.

Why do I prefer this vocabulary? You can serve others and still be separative, such as nationalists, or a CEO that serves his stakeholders at all cost. This may be a wider view of serving self, though I think its more accurately described by saying harmony with some.

Harmony with all is allowing your unique gifts to shine, always moving toward where they help the most. It’s loving because that’s what you are. I find evidence for this by looking at the higher densities. Earth and the Sun share their love freely with all. The sun doesn’t only shine on those it likes, and the earth has yet to kick anyone off. Both live in harmony by loving all.

Let’s look at polarization again through this lens. Harmony with all, or unity, is what we described in the ascension section. Basically, it’s just learning the lesson in your own unique way. Third to fourth, love, fourth to fifth, wisdom, fifth to sixth, oneness.

Harmony with some, or separation, is constructing or operating within a “branch” of the higher density bubble, and basically doing the same thing. The branch is still connected to the core, and can be very close to the core’s vibration, or very very distorted. An incredible range of possibilities exist

The lessons play out in a much more complicated way in separation, because it takes a lot of energy to maintain this illusion of your bubble being the true bubble. Hierarchical structures emerge that can syphon off enough energy to keep the illusion going for a while, though never past the upper fifth density.

Now, it’s super easy to say, oh, well unity is good, separation is bad, but that’s not the whole picture. There’s a story to the galaxy, and a reason we have free will.

When a separation bubble occurs, it must draw energy in to persist, fueling the toroidal expansion of the galaxy itself. This creates a wider array of paths for any being to walk. It’s important at the beginning of a cycle, but loses importance and practicality as time goes on.

For example, Colonialism was pretty terrible, it also sped up the connectivity of the entire human race, and shaped the world we live in now.

Okay, let’s take a turn away from ascension for a minute to talk about the fabric of realities

Different Physical realities The fifth and sixth densities have physical matter, but the physical matter has a different angular spin and velocity, so a fifth density being’s hand could pass right through a wall made of our atoms.

Beings that reside in these densities can step down their energy into ours for a period of time, to be seen and even influence our realm if they wish. This explains beings like Babaji in Autobiography of a Yogi, and many ET encounters.

I’m no expert in this field, so I’ll be passing some source material in the description for this lesson.

Higher Density DNA Human DNA has been augmented by several races throughout our history. These changes allow us to experience up to the sixth density, meaning we can interact with the higher planes of existence without leaving this incarnation. We can also operate and build our multidimensional bodies while we are living on this Earth. Our potential is demonstrated in the miracles of the Saints in the past, present and future.

Having out of body experiences may simply be a shift of our consciousness to our higher-density body, while this fleshy one takes a nap.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth density DNA is active in all humans, though it becomes more and more active when we choose to activate it through thoughts, actions and lifestyles that represent the ideas of the 4th-6th densities; love in the fourth, seeing all perspectives or wisdom in the fifth, and feeling and being one in the sixth.

Geometry of Consciousness

Let’s dig a little deeper than we already have to explore the geometry of consciousness.

Consciousness is fractal, meaning it branches into smaller and bigger versions of itself. Fractals are expressed with recursive equations. Recursive equations take an answer and plug it back into the same equation for the next iteration. When we keep iterating a recursive or fractal equation, we see beautiful life-like patterns emerge. Like this one.

The Mandelbrot set is perhaps the most famous fractal equation, named after the mathematician who first wrote about fractals and even coined the term fractal, Benoit Mandelbrot.

We often see these fractals represented in 2 or three dimensions, but they exist all the way up to the 9th dimension, and they exist fully in the completion layers of the third, sixth, and ninth dimensions.

enter image description here

The geometry of trees and other plants are fractal, our blood vessel system is fractal, pretty much any living thing, from an atom to a galaxy has a fractal structure.

There is one shape that shows the fundamental geometry of fractal structure and consciousness, the torus, more specifically the horn torus.

In the center of the horn torus is an infinitesimally small meeting point of all of the energy that is expressed in that iteration of consciousness. Structurally, this represents the balance point, or center of gravity.

Here we can see all of the information of one plane, every checkered square on the board, will go through the center point. This compression and decompression of information is the physical mechanism of collapsation, unity and expansion, the cycle of life, and occurs in the galactic center, the sun’s center, the planet’s core, and even our human bioelectric field.

This unity occurs once at every density level per conscious entity, and it tells us geometrically what is a conscious entity within that density.

The compressed information of each entity in a given density has its energetic representation as a platonic solid, and that shape is the highest form of encoded information about that entity. These platonic solid are the language of universe, the encoding of consciousness, and what we all come from and will become.

Channeled sources tell us that the sun, in 8th density, operates as an octahedron, It’s likely that the earth operates as a cube, which contains the merkaba, and that lower densities work with the tetrahedron. It’s also likely that the galaxy operates with a dodecahedron encoding, and the universe with an icosahedron encoding. I only have a source that speaks on the solar encoding, so the others are my intuitive guess. When I find better sources, I will update the description of this lesson.

Tapping into Higher Density Consciousness

We can always connect to each of these densities through chaining upward with higher density versions of ourselves. When Rob Gauthier channels Treb bor Yit Nee and Aridif, he links to Treb in the fifth density, then Aridif in the sixth. Channeling higher density entities almost always takes this form, even if the channeler isn’t consciously aware of it.

The reason for this chaining is that we can’t understand higher density energy, and more importantly, our physical matter can’t handle it. It would fry our circuits.

This has major implications for our spiritual journey. We’ve got to take things one step at a time, and ask for help along the way. Also, we have to understand that it is another version of ourselves coming to help us. So don’t be shy in asking for help. You would love to help you.

Let’s think about chaining in relation to the Earth collective consciousness.

Collective consciousnesses are six to seventh density or higher, but we all can connect to the human collective in fourth density where we are now. How is that possible? For one, we have fifth and sixth density DNA, so we are able to tune in to get information ourselves, but more often than not, beings in the fifth and sixth density come to help us connect, and relay the information in a way we can understand.

Some people call them Angels, some spirit, some call them aliens or ETs, but they are really just higher versions of ourselves, fractal offshoots of the same oversoul.

The Spirits of Nature

Animals in the third, Trees in the second, and even first density elements have their own higher density representatives. We often call them spirits. The spirit of the trees, the spirit of the wind, the water spirits, the spirits of each animal and plant. These spirits are higher density entities that serve as the manifestation and interface between the consciousness of the physical trees, water, etc, with all higher levels of consciousnesses.

When we are speaking to the trees, the tree spirit will come and join with us so the trees can understand us, and visa versa.

It’s something incredible to explore, and unlocks a whole magical planet, not just for you, but for the all beings you connect with.

Order and Disorder: When entropy decreases

The second law of thermodynamics states that the universe tends towards disorder, or that entropy, a measure of randomness, increases in a closed system. This is true overall for where we are now in the cycle of our universe.

When we introduced the torus shape in the densities lesson, we learned that in expansion, we have two phases. Accelerating expansion, and decelerating expansion. These two phases are characterized by an increase in entropy, driving the expansion of possibilities. We are currently in the Accelerating Expansion phase.

Then, there was what I called a point of stillness. The stillness is really a theoretical balance between expansion and contraction, like when you go from inhaling to exhaling. It’s a smooth transition, not a stop.

After the transition, entropy actually starts decreasing as the universe starts to organize itself back into unity.

Why is this important?

Fractal geometry governs all aspects of natural reality. The phenomenon I just explained of entropy across the universe decreasing after the end of expansion isn’t just happening across the universe sometime in the future.

It’s happening right now to Galaxies, star systems, planets, humans, and all density levels. Every bubble follows this same path, blooming and returning to seed, so some bubbles are already contracting. The blooms happen in waves, as one makes it easier for the next.

Consciousness is a great organizer of information. Plants organize carbon in the air into great structures. Humans organize to fulfill their needs and desires. It’s all consciousness organizing information.

I wanted to explain this concept so you can see that the second law of thermodynamics is more of an indicator of where the universe is in its lifecycle, and show you that it falls apart when looking at nearly any conscious system. Once we enter into the contraction phase of the universe, energy in closed systems will be seen organizing instead of going toward randomness.

When we return to unity, we are becoming more organized, and encoding our information back into the platonic solids we started from, to be shared in the one song that is the universe.


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