Grids of Consciousness


Grids facilitate the connection of consciousness in the physical realm. We’re going to look at the mechanism of this connection, and how we can connect to the girds using geometric visualizations and vibration to send and receive information. We will also talk briefly about natural vs artificial grids.

For this lesson, we will focus on the natural grids in the Milky Way galaxy, including the planetary, solar system, and galactic solar grids. Grids also exist within your body, in lattices of molecules, and even in atoms, and on the bigger end, in between galaxies and even universes.


I want to do a quick overview to prepare you for learning, if it doesn’t make sense, it should at the end of the lesson.

At the center of each entity, be it human, planet, or star there exists all of the information of the future and past for a system. Hopefully this concept is familiar by this point in the course.

For example, Gaia holds the record for all beings ever to exist on planet Earth, the sun holds the record for each planet, and the galactic core holds the record for each Star system. Everything is fractal, so the galactic core has access to the beings on every planet, and similarly on every level in between

Real connections are needed to keep this record alive, and if we draw imaginary lines between each entity, for example, each star in the galaxy, we get a good picture of the structure of a natural grid.

What are grids

Grids are the energetic mechanism of collective consciousness networks. They are like the internet of the galaxy, beaming geometric vibrations through space and time. These energy webs connect everything to everything, and create oneness where division seems to exist.

Grids are not bound by time, so they can transmit information, as condensed energy, to and from the future and past.

We can measure grids in the electromagnetic spectrum, though we would only be picking up on the tip of the iceberg, as most of the energy is too high vibrational to interact directly with our physical matter. This higher energy is a geometric communication medium we will discuss shortly.

Why Grids Exist

Every grid holds the entire history and future, on every timeline. However, certain expressions are “louder” depending on how you listen, so what you perceive when tapping in is based on your intention.

The very act of placing attention with intention causes possibilities to collapse into actualities due to the real energetic connection facilitated by the grids.

Grids act as the mechanism that this intentive attention is harmonized into your reality. When you tap into a grid, you can access both the future and the past across multiple timelines. Which of these timelines you interact with, and therefore bring into reality, is based on how you look, your intention and attention.

The wise man knows nothing so he can perceive anything, and in his perception, make it so.

Galaxies, solar systems, planets, species, and even the cells in our bodies stay connected with these grids. All of these examples are natural grids, the grids that arise from nature. There are also artificial grids, like cell phone networks, as well as the artificial grids put here by galactic neighbors, like the Sirians, Arcturians, and Pleiadians.

Let’s talk about Natural and Artificial Grids

Natural Grids Natural grids are generated from the central unity point of a toroidal consciousness to manifest its connection. The extended bubble shape connects to the centers of all lower-density toroidal consciousnesses held within.

Gaia is an example of a vast collection of natural grids, weaved together into one consciousness, and ran through a central processor and generator, the magnetic core of the planet. Each type of animal and plant has it’s own grid, and so do we as humans. Each of these grids are like the little bubbles, connected to the bigger bubble of the earth. The all combine with physical earth energies to form what we call Gaia, the conscious entity of all life on planet earth.

On Gaia, the root chakras is the physical terra firma. The ground beneath our feet. It’s crown chakra is the grid system connecting all beings to one another, and Gaia to the suns consciousness.

The concept of the crown chakra is a good way to understand natural grids. When we tap into our crown chakra, we have access to the wisdom and experience of all. That’s exactly what a grid is. It’s an interface where consciousness can be shared between entities.

Artificial Grids

Artificial Grids are Created by entities (singular or collective) that desire to create a new form of communication. Humans have created these grids, such as the GPS satellite network and telecommunication grids.

Other grids were put here by our galactic brethren Such as the Arcturian grids, Sirian grids, and the Pleiadian grids, created by those collective consciousnesses. These grids give us access to information that isnt readily available otherwise.

The effect of these Et grids is all of the information from say the Sirius star system and collective consciousness can be downloaded by human consciousness when you tap into the Sirian grid around the planet. This removes a lot of intermediaries that would be required to reach this information otherwise.

How do Grids Work

Vibrational, and more specifically Geometric vibrational communication works across virtually all grids. What is geometric communication? The basic shapes all have a vibration they resonate at, a resonant frequency.

These frequencies create different base-encodings of information. Together, they can encode vast information very efficiently, meaning it can effectively travel anywhere instantly, throughout time and space, even in the slower densities.

This is also a mechanism enabling certain molecular shapes offer what we may call “magical” powers, like DMT.

Higher density consciousnesses prefer to communicate with a more complex shape, and therefore more compact information encoding. For example, the Sun prefers to encode an 8 sided shape, an octahedron. Earth may be partial to a smaller sided shape, perhaps a cube (which contains the merkaba), and we humans may be something like a tetrahedron.

Natural grids operate mostly above the sixth density, so love is the closest we can get to that interface. The highest, most pure loving feeling will always accompany your connection to and communication with the higher natural grids, and just by feeling love you will open up to them.

My source only mentions the Sun, so I am filling in the lower shapes.

Connecting to Grids

I want to share the connection techniques I am aware of. This is not a guided meditation, so take time to explore these ideas grounded in nature, near a tree, in the sunlight, and away from screens.

To interface with natural grids, first make clear your intention with a feeling of loving connection with what you want to communicate, and where you want the message to go. You can first try to simply share your feelings of love and gratitude to our Mother Earth.

Your specific feeling is your vibration, and is perhaps the most accurate form of communication. Using words will work, and is a valid tool, but the feeling behind the words is likely to be the actual communicator, so don’t feel bounded by words. Visualization can be used as well.

Speak or feel or visualize your attention with love and be open to receive.

To prepare your physical vessel, You can hum the vowel sounds AEIOU to accompany your intent. Each vowel sound resonates with an energetic center in your body, clearing stagnant energy there.

You can also do any other practice, like tapping, yoga, reiki, chi gong, anything that clears your vessel.

Next visualize the center of the grid you want to connect with. You may use an octagon or octahedron to connect with the Sun, a hexagon or cube to connect with the earth, and a triangle or tetrahedron to connect with the human collective. You can also start with a Metatron’s cube which contains every platonic solid, then feel it out from there.

If you prefer, you can visualize the grid itself lighting up. Your visualization doesn’t need to be technically accurate to work, as long as you know that’s what it means and feel it. For example, To communicate healing to your cellular grid, visualize every cell your body lighting up. To connect with the earth, see the magnetosphere of the Earth lighting up, and every being on the Earth lighting up as well.

After your initial visualization, let go of your visualization, allowing other visuals to come in. Feel and explore these new visualizations.

Breathe into your visualization, and with your breath see and feel light. When you exhale, relax and let go of everything, going deeper and deeper.

You are now connected with the grid. Relax, feel safe, and know you are loved. Let go of all doing, and just be.

This lesson was only about 5% of what I would like to cover, so expect a full course about Grids sometime in the future!


Solar System Collective Energy (Solar system grid info around 30:30, with full description of grid workings at 51:10)