Dimensions of Space / Time / Reality


“…In dimensions, there are literally only 7 that are experienceable in this matrix” – Aridif

Dimensions are extensions, which allow measurement. The first dimension is one extension, the second is two, and so on. Every time we go up one dimension, we are extending all the previous dimensions outward in two brand new directions, perpendicular to the directions available before.

All of the information from the previous dimensions becomes just a snapshot of this new dimension.

I invite you to visualize these dimensions by extending them in your mind as we talk about each one.

We’ll bring along a cat with us starting at the third dimension to help us to digest the mind-bending concepts of higher dimensionality.

Before we dive in, here’s a one-sentence overview:

The first three dimensions make up space, the next three make up time, the seventh is the universe in relation to other universes, and the zeroth is consciousness.

The Dimensions

Starting at the bottom we have

Dimension 0 = Perspective

A point has no dimensionality, only position.

This is relevant because a point is also a point of conscious perspective, creating an infinite link between all dimensionality where the creator can perceive itself, as it is doing now through your eyes, ears, and mind.

Zero dimensionality is the center unity point of the horn torus shape, a concept we will further explore in the densities lesson. This center unity is the link to all fractal consciousness, and what enables consciousness to be here in the physical world.

1st Dimension (Length) (Lines)

In the first dimension we have a line, one extension in two directions. This extension we call length.

2nd Dimension (Height) (Planes)

As we go to the second dimension, the line extends to have height. Now we have an area, and are able to create all of the 2d shapes, like squares, triangles, all that fun stuff!!

3rd Dimension (Depth) (Objects, Entities)

As we move to the third dimension, we add depth. Now we can make a cube, a sphere, a tetrahedron, or a cat.

Let’s call our cat Chessie, and bring him with us through the dimensions.

4th Dimension (Time) (Timelines)

If we want Chessie to chase a mouse, we need to extend our 3d world in the fourth dimension, time.

Time can be thought of as events that our 3d world goes through.

Events are 3d snapshots on a 4d timeline. When we reference two or more events we are now in the fourth dimension.

[On Screen] [According to Plank, events happen 1.855e+43 times every second.]

Strings of events extend in both directions, future and past, to create a timeline. We can understand a fourth dimensional being by looking at their entire timeline from the beginning to end, for example the entire life of our cat Chessie.

We can assign an X value, let’s call it TimeX to how many events that Chessie has experienced, starting at 0 when the Chessie became incarnate.

We can look at any event in Chessies life (each event being a 3d snapshot) by specifying how far along the timeline the event took place, or simply put, how old Chessie was.

5th Dimension (Timeplanes)

In the fifth dimension, timelines are extended in another direction, just like how we went from a 1d line to a 2d area. Now we have an infinite number of timelines beside each other, just like the infinite parallel lines on a 2d plane.

Each of these timelines may have a different past and future, though they may also converge and diverge, and even crisscross, with the most splitting and merging occuring at points of high-energy.

The closest timelines represent very similar strings of events, maybe we wore a different shirt, but otherwise lived the same life. As we get further, the changes become greater, maybe we moved to a different city, met different people, became a different person.

Instead of just moving back and forth along a timeline from past to future, now we can move side to side to different timelines in the present, or diagonally to timelines in the past or future.

Returning to our cat Chessie, we still have the TimeX value of how old Chessie is, and now we also have a TimeY value which represents which timeline this particular Chessie’s events exists on, or if you fancy some Schrödinger, which Chessie is in the litter box.

6th Dimension (Time Entities / Time Objects)

Remember when we went from 2D to 3D, from a plane capable of only shapes, to a world with depth that could hold an entity like a cat?

When we extend our parallel versions of timelines to have depth, we get the sixth dimension. It’s just as big of a leap as we took from 2d to 3d.

In 6D we have time-filling objects and entities within time, just like in 3D we had space-filling objects and entities within space.

To simplify the concept, I will call these 6d entities timeshapes, but remember they are similar to a 3d object but with time instead of space, and they can be intelligent, like our cat Chessie.

Similar to how we need practically infinite layers to make a sphere from circles, we also need practically infinite layers of timelines to make a 6d timeshape.

To grasp this concept, let’s imagine we have our cat Chessie that exists on multiple timeline. On one of these timelines, Chessie escapes a closing door and runs free where he creates a litter of kitties with another cat. On another timeline, the door closes faster, and Chessie stays inside, and fathers no kitties.

Now, both of these timelines can be expressed within the fifth dimension from the perspective of Chessie, though in reality, whole layers of other timelines are getting involved.

For example, What about Chessie’s owner’s timeline? What about the kittens? What about everything in the world that interacts with the Chessie and all of his kittens?

Just like the second dimension isn’t really experienceable in the 3rd dimensional spacetime, the fifth dimensional “flat” timelines aren’t really experienceable in the 6th dimensional timespace, they are more like a way to look at the components of time entities, like a planar circle is a component of a sphere.

If we jump fifth dimensionally to a different timeline, the rest of reality has to snap around us to fit that, and the elastic timespace fabric that makes that snap is sixth dimensional.

Back to our furry friends,

Let’s imagine all of the interactions that our kitties will have. They all get adopted and go to loving homes, and become connected, influencing all of the timelines they interact with.

All of the interactions become a tree-like shape of weaved timelines. This is a timeshape, a shape that has bounds in time, instead of space. The shape has a beginning and end in time, just like a 3d object does in space. These timeshapes are basically bounds of reality formation, where every event within the bounds is entangled.

Let’s visualize this another way. Imagine the entire history of Earth, from coagulating dust, to being swallowed by the sun. Watch all the movement on the planet in super speed like a buzz, from all the plant and animal life, to humans, and beyond. Now superimpose all of the possible timelines on top of this visualization.

If we take a step back, and try to imagine all of those timelines, we see that we start off all together. One rock. Then we balloon out into an incredible amount of energy and timelines, and finally we return to the single possible end of the sun swallowing the earth.

You just visualized a 6d timeshape, one that contains literally every possibility for Earth. In that time shape every single possible reality for every single conscious entity exists. And not just as a possibility, but as experiences that arise from perspectives, collectively creating the 6dimensional entity, Gaia.

Pretty incredible.

If you’re thinking, wait, isn’t everything entangled since the big bang? You’re completely correct. Every possibility for our universe is existing together as one now, and it’s the biggest time shape we know.

7th Dimension (Universal Plane)

The sixth dimension gave us timeshapes, so what are timeshapes a snapshot of?

Let’s back up. You may have noticed that in our model, the progression of dimensions 4, 5, and 6 were a lot like 1, 2, and 3, but with time instead of space.

So when we jump from 6 to 7th dimension, it should be similar to when we jumped from the third dimension to the 4th.

In that jump, we went from a universe of spacetime, or space at one time, to a universe of timespace, or time at one space. The structure of space became malleable through time, and time became malleable through space.

So what happens when we go beyond time?

When we go beyond time, we go outside of timespace/spacetime itself, and our entire universe becomes a snapshot.

Moving through the seventh dimension, we have different expressions of time and space, which are separate universes.

In these other universes, the properties of time can be different, as can the properties of physical matter, if it exists at all in a given universe. An infinite range of possibilities exists.

Final Words

You now understand the structure of our universe. In the next lesson we will talk about the layers of consciousness that inhabit this structure.

But first, I do want to say one more thing. While there are infinite timelines in theory, in practice, there are a smaller, but still huge, collection of highly probable timelines, rivers of time flow, bringing timelines together. This is the way. And this way is forged by collective attention. Our attention makes our way, and together, with all consciousness on the planet, we make the way for Gaia.

Together, by focusing our love, we can steer our version of Gaia onto a timeline of harmony and incredible abundance and collective consciousness expansion. And we are not alone. So many others are already doing this, and have been doing so for many thousands of years.

I’m so happy to be here to remind you of this simple fact and, if it is your desire, welcome you to join us by focusing your attention on loving connection. With each loving light, the path gets brighter for all.

Before we move on, let’s do a quick review.

Review and looking forward

We have a three-axis representation of space, dimensions one two, and three. We also have a three-axis representation of time, dimensions four five and six.

The only “finished” dimensions that can fully explain a reality are the third and sixth dimensions. This is because they contain all axes needed to express either space or time fully.

Finally, the seventh dimension makes our entire universe just a snapshot, one point on an infinite line of other universes. The model we just went over is our interpretation of the ten dimensional model accepted by many scientists today.

We are just stopping at 7 because that’s when we enter the multiverse, But, since we’re here, let’s go all the way. imagine that the next three dimensions, 7, 8 and 9, make up another three-axis system, Past space, further than time, we have another plane of existence, this time of realities. The 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions together hold all possible realities, with a tenth dimension that is it everything together, just like the 7th was all of timespace together.

You are now ready to dive into densities of consciousness, the final fundamental component of our model, and when you do, keep in mind everything you have learned here, it will help you greatly in your understanding and visualization of densities.


Imagining the Tenth Dimension