Putting it All Together ~~ Class Review

Putting it All Together

I know that was a whole lot of information, so we are going to go through it all again.

This review is crucial to integrate the information, so repeat this lesson until you can visualize each part, and test yourself by explaining it to a spouse, a friend, a pet, or a houseplant.

When you can explain it, you understand it.

Let’s Review

This time we are going to go backwards, from densities, to dimensions, to matrices. Starting at source, and ending way past to the atom. Let’s dive in.


The One, the all, the Infinite Creator, whatever you want to call it, has it’s source as the root of fractal symmetry with nothingness, which by definition can’t exist. The only way to balance nothingness that can’t exist, is with everything that must exist. [13th Density]

This energy is expanded into infinite expressions of universes, each of which has an incarnation and disincarnation, governed by a collective universal soul called the God Brain or God Soul or Multiverse. New universes are born all the time, and grow into their next life just like a human soul does. [12th Density]

Each universe has a different structure, so let’s look at the levels of consciousness within our universe.

First, we have the consciousness of our universe itself, composed of all within it. All other independent universes would also fall into 11th density. [11th Density]

Within our universe, we have collectives of galactic consciousness, sort of the biggest beings here. [10th Density]

Individual galactic consciousnesses govern the ascension of all beings within them [9th Density], including solar consciousnesses [8th Density] which consist of a collection of, planetary consciousnesses [7th Density], and collective souls, sometimes called over souls [7th Density].

Underneath the level of collective souls, we have our first incarnate individual beings, sixth density beings which are fully shedding the illusion of separation, and learning to become pure energy so they can return to non physicality. [6th Density]

These beings graduated from fifth density beings, which are learning infinite wisdom by seeing all from all perspectives, on all timelines. [5th Density]

These beings graduated from fourth density beings, which are learning to vibrate into their own highest timeline, together, or collectively, in the now through the power of pure unconditional love. [4th Density] We, the Earth human collective are now in the beginning of fourth density.

We got here from third density. In third density, we gained self awareness, and the ability to make decisions and live out those decisions. [3rd Density]

To get to third density, consciousness builds vessels in second density, including plants and animals. This if the first time source energy interacts with itself in an entity / environment way. [2nd Density]

And below that is the basis of the physical makeup of reality, the beingness oh- so- tuned to our universe that is first density, elemental components, Atoms, and primary energy patterns, Earth, Fire, Water, Air [1st Density]


There are three finished dimensional spaces of the universe, the third, the sixth, and the ninth, holding spacetime, timespace, and entire realities, respectively.

The 10th dimension is all of these together at one point.

The 9th, 8th, and 7th are the three-axis system of every possible reality, similar to length, height, and depth holding any 3d object.

The seventh dimension is an extension of all universes, and our universe could be represented as a point in 7D [7]

The sixth dimension holds all time extensions, and contains entities and objects made of time. An example of a 6 dimensional entity would be a bubble around the milky way containing all possible histories and futures. [6]

The fifth dimension is an extension holding all possibilities of timelines. One point or plane represents all the possible timelines of a 3D space entity.[5]

The fourth dimension is an extension of of a 3d space entity through time, called a timeline. [4]

A 3 dimensional entity has length, height, and depth, this is where we have most of our experience, and, along with the fourth dimension, is where our physical universe is most commonly understood and experienced by humans. [3]

The second dimension is length and height, a plane [2]

The first dimension is just length, a line [1]

And finally, the Zeroth dimension links everything to everything. It’s the dimension of consciousness, of perspective, and the center unity point of the toroidal fabric of experienceable reality. The Zeroth dimension gives the creator connection to every point and perspective of reality, as we ALL are the creator.

Okay, now we have the structure of reality and the structure of consciousness, now to the notes of our universal song, the matrices


The matrices are separate versions of our universal expression. They are the same fabric, like musical notes are all sound. As musical notes rise in frequency, universal Matrices rise in connectivity of every entity within the universe with each increasing note.

There are 12 Matrices, separate, but linked by the 11th density / seventh dimensional universal consciousness. We can peer into a matrix above or below through a third party in that matrix, but we can’t incarnate there, or have physical influence without going through the 11th density first.

These matrices allow for the widest range of experiences within our universe, and probably influence each other in subtle ways, allowing each version of the universe to be very rich and full of all manner of experience, like a song can be filled with all types of melody.

Congratulations! You now understand Universal Consciousness! 🌌😃🙌👽💗🌍

Test yourself by explaining each density and dimension, as well as the concept of matrices to a willing spouse, co-worker, friend, pet or houseplant.

To practice, write numbers 1-7 on a blank paper and fill out each dimension. Write 1-11 (or 13) on another paper to fill out the densities, and write a paragraph to explain the concept matrices.