Introduction to Universal Consciousness

Welcome to the Intro to Universal Consciousness Course

Do you want to connect to the Earth, Sun, Galactic, and Universal Consciousness? Then you are in the right place.
Let’s dive in and explore the ocean of life that is Universal Consciousness

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New Guidance: The core teachings are the dimensions and densities lessons. Dimensions construct the physical world, and densities the world of information, spirit and consciousness. Understanding dimensions (presented in accordance with modern scientific theories) will give you the foundation to understand Densities. The Matrix concept should be considered separate, and is not required to understand the larger structure of consciousness within and beyond our Universe. So, focus on understanding dimensions and densities, and then re-digest Matrices as a personality trait of our 11th-density conscious universe.

The 7 ~ 11 ~ 12 model of Universal Consciousness

Hello and Welcome to this course on Universal Consciousness.

My name is Douglas, and I’ll be taking you through what I call the 7-11-12 model of universal structure and consciousness.

To evolve our collective understanding of consciousness, we must communicate using a common vocabulary.

With this goal in mind, We’re going to introduce three concepts in this course: densities of consciousness, which you may already be familiar with as densities of light, dimensions, which will be re-interpreted from superstring theory, and matrices, which are parallel versions of our universe.

This vocabulary has been jumbled in the past, leading to miscommunication and difficulty for any individual to form a complete picture of the universe in their mind.

While on my own journey, I came across several models of universal structure and consciousness. The only one that satisfied my curiosity was the densities of consciousness explanation coming from multiple channeled sources. From my favorite source, Matrices were also explained as the 12 complete parallel universes that make up our true universe.

When I combined this channeled model of Densities and Matrices with a re-interpretation of the 10 dimensional model found in superstring theory, I ended up with a model that allowed me to understand, feel, and visualize all of creation.

This understanding also helped me connect with higher consciousnesses. I found that when I visualized the structures while feeling immense love, I tapped into them, and started sharing visual information, from trees, to fungal networks, the earth and Sun, and beyond.

I believe global shifts happen at an individual and global level simultaneously.

By equipping yourself with this information, you will know where to refocus your attention for the benefit of your self, the collective, and Gaia.

I am sharing this particular model with you because it is the most complete and concise way I have found to describe the universe.

I hope that with this information, you will open up to experience the power of love and connection at even higher levels than you do now.

I also hope that this model will satisfy those, like me, who seek the comfort of logic, as it clearly shows the structure of the oneness that we all are, without operating on assumptions.

I call this model of the universe the 7-11-12 model for 7 dimensions, 11 densities, and 12 matrices that are the fundamental components of our universe.

This 7-11-12 numbering includes just this universe. To include all of creation we would need 10 (or 9 + completion) dimensions and 13 (or 12 + completion) densities. We will go over all of these in this course, but I’ll focus on the 7-11-12 model.

I will present this information in a logical way to the best of my abilities.

After learning this model of universal consciousness, you will be able to understand and communicate phenomenon and experiences beyond modern scientific explanation, AND you will be able to translate information that may be using a different vocabulary into this model so you can better understand it, and communicate it with others.

This model will provide new perspectives on consciousness, re-incarnation, creation, and even the source of the one infinite creator.

Best of all, you will be able to use this information to expand your experience beyond what you have ever thought possible, to tap into the abundant love network holding the galaxy together. To become an integral piece of Gaia, a galactic citizen, and a child of One.

In the next lesson, we’ll go through the best way to take this course and I’ll give you a quick overview of every single piece of the model.

Let’s get started!