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Taking This Course

You’re currently taking this course through Aquarius.Academy. That’s perfect, because it allow us to both show you the video, and also the text of the lesson. You’ll find the FULL VERSION of the course here, including one lesson that isn’t found on Youtube or Udemy.

We recommend following the lessons in order first, then going back to refresh certain parts. This is a system, so it’s best to get exposed to all the parts, then returning to gain full comprehensions of each component.

Scroll through the course at your leisure. The course is truly open, you do not need to be logged in to take it.

You will find updates / errata on Github.

We Welcome you Joyously!!!!

Course Overview

Here’s a short overview of the 7-11-12 model, this will help to prepare your brain for learning.

There are 12 universal matrices, which are separate realities within our universe, with ascending levels of connectedness between the beings there. Physical interactions aren’t possible between different matrices.

Each of these matrices has 7 dimensions. The first four you are familiar with, height, width, depth, and time. The fifth and sixth expand time to allow multiple timelines to co-exist, so that every possibility can play out if conscious energy is focused there, and the seventh holds the universe itself as a point.

Densities allow layers of conscious experience to play out by the rules of the dimensions. There are 6 densities of physical beings and experience, 4 non-physical density experiences of collective consciousness, one experience of the universe itself, one of collectives of universes, and finally, the infinite creator in balance with non-existent nothingness.

As a bonus, we will wrap up talking about Grids, the conscious energy structures that keep us all in unity across the planet, the galaxy, and beyond.

If you are watching this on Aquarius.Academy, as opposed to Youtube or Udemy or Skillshare [Note: Skillshare does not allow spiritual courses and has removed the course], there is an extra lesson after densities which touches on quite a few concepts related to ascending consciousness.

Of course, you’re reading this on Github. So you’ll get the full version. I do invite you to check out the links in the paragraph above, you can listen to this same course, and get the visuals as well. This Github repo is pretty much word-for-word the course script, so read if you prefer, watch if you prefer, both are free. Though, you will find lots more free courses and resources at the above links.

Respecting Truth

I want to dive right in, but first, I would like to share an idea.

All truths are true, and the truth is made of all truths – Bashar

First, only accept the information that resonates with you. We all create our own truth as a fractal piece of the universal creator. Just because someone is being completely honest about their truth, doesn’t mean it will be, should be, or has to be true to you. So if it doesn’t feel right, don’t invest attention into it. You can live with your truth, and another with theirs.

The only ultimate truth is that we all make our own truths, so please don’t attempt to violate that by

  1. Forcing another into your truth or
  2. Trying to declare another’s truth invalid.

Focus on discovering and living at your highest truth, and let others do the same. I hope this course helps you in that pursuit.

Second, I highly recommend you check out the source material. I will be including my sources in the accompanying text to this course, or, depending on where you are seeing this, to the lesson itself. We are grateful to the RA Material, and the beings Treb and Aridif channeled by Rob Gauthier for bringing us a majority of this information. And also to Earth scientists for their 10-dimensional model of the universe, which we re-interpret to fit our understanding.