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You have infinite power as a piece of the universal creator

The game of life is a beautiful journey. 

The human potential is incredible, beyond our understanding. 

In this world of free will and abundance, you have infinite choices of what to believe, decide, and experience. 

In the Age of Aquarius, huge matter collapses into the center of the Milky Way, sending a proton wave our way. This energy crystalizes and catalyzes our consciousness, and even changes how we experience life.

Of this slow rolling of new energies, we will see a sliver in our lifetimes, but how much we recieve is up to our ability to feel and bring this energy into manifestation.

We help you develop your own power over yourself and reality, so you may gain the ability to recognize and fuel this power in others, stepping into new possibilities for reality. 

Core Geometry
Introduction to Universal Consciousness Video Course (1 hour 50 mins)



Evolve. Together.

Aquadac personal development club.
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Know yourself, love others, inspire change.
  • Hone your Mind/Body/Spirit vehicle
  • Learn to utilize natural grids of consciousness.
  • Combining your internal control and external understanding to create true magic.
Walk alongside Headmaster Gudasol



Portals of Magic
  • 24-week Master Key Journey
Universal Understanding
7/11 Model of Universal Consciousness.
Densities of Light, Dimension, Matricies, Grids



Be Here Now 🧘

Heighten your sensese. 



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May you find what you're seeking within.