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Aquarius Academy catalyzes consciousness through mind/body/spirt training to help you self-actualize and live a vibrant life. We believe that when you’re in tune with galactic energy, you radiate a special kind of light that activates others, and co-creates a better world. That’s the world we want to live in, and we invite you to join us.

We do not teach one prescribed path. We help each individual to find their own path by exposing the routes of past seekers, as well as providing the resources, inspiration, and encouragement to follow the feelings of love, joy, and unity.

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Starseeds ...
Receive guidance to tune into galactic love and wisdom.



Know yourself, love others, inspire change.
  • Hone your consciousness to fully activate your Mind/Body/Spirit vehicle, using ancient and new techniques taught only through Aquarius Academy.
  • Learn to see through the Matrix of modern life to know and connect with the ever-present essence of all things in everything.
  • Combining your internal control and external understanding to create true magic by resonating with a possibility you choose to instantly heal, hold sacred space, and to inspire others to free themselves simply by being yourself.
Find Purpose and Self-activate with guidance from Gudasol and more.

Discover your higher truth on the path of transmutation, shadow + light work.



Portals of Opportunity
  • Aquarius Academy’s top padawans help teach IRL starseeds starting as part of their journey.
  • Jedi Masters and existing teachers can share their courses on , for free or through profit-sharing, like a spiritual version of Skillshare.
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Here you'll discover densities of consciousness, toroidal balls of entangled energy.



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Experience new clarity as you explore your consciousness and heighten your senses + sense of purpose.

Understand the permeation of
consciousness throughout the universe with the 7 dimension / 11 density model. 



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