Thank You / Author Notes

Thank you for taking the time to consider this perspective of universal consciousness.

I hope this course has done three thing for you

  1. Given you the tools to better understand the universe and your experiences as a part of it.

  2. Made you excited and curious about what experiences are possible. Now that you know how you are connected to each and every level of universal consciousness, you can start to imagine the possibilities, and with your imagination, you will open up to these energies. As the creator, you have truly infinite potential.

  3. Helped you integrate what other teachers are saying into a model you understand. You will encounter teachers speaking in a different model than this, even using the same vocabulary to mean different things. For example, the word Dimensions can mean 10 different things to 10 different people. By listening to what someone is describing, and then converting it into the model described here, you will gain an understanding that may be more complete than the teacher could explain by themselves.

Gaining Perspective

I want to re-iterate that this is one perspective, and you should gain as many as you can. Seek similarities, explore differences, and deeply explore concepts that excite you to find what feels right.

Remember, you are always connected with your higher self, and never separate even for a second from the universal creator. Request with a loving vibration to open this connection to receive information in ways only you can understand.

Thanks / credits

I want to thank Rob Gauthier, AKA The E.T. Whisperer and the beings he channels Aridif and Treb-Bor-Yit-Nee for sharing this model with us, and the L/L Research Group (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty), who brought us the RA Material, as well as the venetian collective RA. You will find the sources and more links below this lesson, or in the course description.

Looking Forward

I want to continue to learn and grow with you as we start to understand and integrate this conscious information into our Earth collective.

Not as an intellectual novelty, but as a foundation for a new world we are co-creating right now.

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If you want to help out in another way, you can share this course with people who are seeking this type of information, such as on forums, on reddit, or even just to a friend. You can be the bridge that helps others connect to the collective by simply sharing a link to this course.

I thank you for your initiative in taking this course, and your determination in finishing it. I look forward to continuing to learn and share with you as this infinitely incredible universe we are.

Explaining is one test of learning. I thank you for helping me learn, and welcome you to start teaching others in small ways as you continue to learn as well.

And finally, remember this is just one way to describe universal consciousness, and it isn’t any more or less valid than any other model. It makes the most sense to me, so it’s the one I share.

How you experience consciousness is up to your chosen vibration. That’s the wonderful thing about consciousness, you are consciousness, and you can explore as many or few avenues as you choose, to let go, to pick up, to crystallize and to shatter beliefs, hone vibrations, create creations, even dissolve your ego to experience non physicality. Whatever you choose, may you find harmony with your self, the collective, the galaxy, and the infinite creator.

To know thyself is to know the one.

In the words of Aridif, You are Loved, and we love you.


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