Respecting Truths / Disclaimer

Respecting Truth

I want to dive right in, but first, I would like to share an idea.

All truths are true, and the truth is made of all truths – Bashar

First, only accept the information that resonates with you. We all create our own truth as a fractal piece of the universal creator. Just because someone is being completely honest about their truth, doesn’t mean it will be, should be, or has to be true to you. So if it doesn’t feel right, don’t invest attention into it. You can live with your truth, and another with theirs.

The only ultimate truth is that we all make our own truths, so please don’t attempt to violate that by

  1. Forcing another into your truth or
  2. Trying to declare another’s truth invalid.

Focus on discovering and living at your highest truth, and let others do the same. I hope this course helps you in that pursuit.

Second, I highly recommend you check out the source material. I will be including my sources in the accompanying text to this course, or, depending on where you are seeing this, to the lesson itself. We are grateful to the RA Material, and the beings Treb and Aridif channeled by Rob Gauthier for bringing us a majority of this information. And also to Earth scientists for their 10-dimensional model of the universe, which we re-interpret to fit our understanding.


As we are an entity ourselves, we do have our own viewpoint, and our viewpoint is always going to come through in our writings and teachings, even when quoting a source. By visiting the source material, you get to hear another perspective, and by gaining many perspectives, you will discover your own higher truth.

The best thing you can do is seek many sources to cultivate your own unique and ever-growing viewpoint. Trying to have the same viewpoint as another, or trying to maintain your viewpoint by not seeing any other viewpoints are both tickets to stagnation.

It’s also a good idea to re-interpret concepts that don’t feel right to you by meditating on them. This can remove some of the distortion that is impossible to avoid when compressing information so vast into the English language.

I don’t personally agree with some interpretations of RA, for example I believe animals like Dolphins are fourth or even higher density beings, while RA states that all animals on Earth are second density. And that’s okay. I enjoy living my world where Dolphins and Narwhals are my 4th Density brethren.

Find your highest excitement, and know that you can always ask for your higher self to come through and show you directly, as you are never separate.

Our goal here at Aquarius Academy isn’t to show you one path, it’s to help you see how many paths there are by connecting you to the ninth-density galactic collective, which governs all soul ascension in the Milky way.