Universal Consciousness: Densities, Dimensions, Matrices + Grids

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About this Course

This course talks about the 7-11-12 model of universal consciousness, that is 7 dimensions within our universe (out of 10 in all creation), 11 densities in our universe, (out of 13 in all creation), and 12 universal matrices.

We’re going to start out by talking about matrices, then move to dimensions, and finally to densities. The reason for this order is that densities pack the most useful information of reality and consciousness. By clearing up the other subjects first, you will be able fully comprehend and visualize densities, which I believe will benefit you the most in your day to day life.

At the end of this course, we review the model in the opposite direction. This should pull everything together for you into a complete understanding. Your final test will be to explain this model to another, as teaching is the best way to truly learn.

What you’ll learn

  • Densities of Consciousness – Fractal bubbles of ascending light / consciousness / source energy, demonstrating all are one at every level.

  • Dimensions of Space / Time / Reality (3/6/9)

  • Matrices – Parallel versions of our universe (often confused with dimensions)

and finally, Grids, living networks of conscious connection and communication spread across the universe.

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