What Is Chi? Feel The Force Inside You

What Is Chi? Feel The Force Inside You

Get Acquainted with Energy Work with this Free Course

Before you can travel through timespace with your mind, heal yourself and others, and quickly manifest reality, you need to feel the energy fields inside and all around of you. You can feel and use them through love. You can learn to manipulate these energy fields with just a thought, but for now, just focus on feeling the energy all around you, inside of you, and connecting you to all.

This course is designed to take the beginner or journeyman to the next level by giving you simple exercises to feel your chi. This introductory course has at its core personal experience, your experience of chi. This gives you a new dialogue to open up with your body. I hope to catalyze this for you by creating a space (albeit virtual) for you to open your mind and look into your body.

Whatever your goals for your chi practice, it is good to seek out as many sources of information as you can. I (The author) have no certifications or other qualifications other than a decade plus of having fun with chi. Other teachers have a different upbringing in these disciplines that may be more in tune with your learning. Seek as many teachers, books, and resources as you can, focusing on the teachings that resonate with you. Please check out Mantak Chia and his instructions for safe chi practice.

Traditional Chi Symbol with Carina Nebula Picture

What this course will teach

  • A brief  history of the Chinese glyph
  • How to get chi flowing in a specific place
  • How to move chi from place to place
  • Basics of grounding
  • Using love for safe and effective chi practice

What this course will not teach

  • Discerning Yin from Yang Chi [Push from Pull]
  • Programming Chi
  • Powers and Limits of Chi
  • In-depth moves designed to help with chi flow
  • History of chi work

Thank you for taking the time and energy to focus your attention on the love of oneness. This is a small step on a path that can take you anywhere in the universe.

I look forward to connecting with you in the future, and learning along side you as your brother of light.

You can find this course on Skillshare here.

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