Free Your Love

Guided Meditation / Visualization Technique to Open the Heart to Love Through Growing to the Size of the Universe

Love freely, shine your radiant Lovelight in all directions.

Breathe in the essence of the Earth from below you into your abdomen and higher to your heart.

Photo by Joshua Earle

Breathe in the essence of the infinite lovelight, the essence of the higher densities, the essence of all creation from above your head into your heart space, to meet your lower energies and spiral, giving you the power to love. This is the power of the torus-bubble-vortex created when light and nothingness meet, bringing the center of the vortex to your column of light to align all of your energy. This is the power of the one law: Love.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Feel it

Relax into it

Love it

Breathe out all that you are, breathe out all of your potential as an infinite light, all of your love, freely send this love from your heart space, cause your just heart can’t hold it.

Feel yourself resonate with this love as it takes your vibration higher, making the love you send even more powerful.

Freely send the feeling of love all over your body, from your heart through all of your veins, through all the cells in your body letting them know they’re doing a great job.

Letting them know they are a part of this beautiful life and beautiful love you are creating. 

Letting them know that they will get the chance to resonate this love further out into the universe. 

Your love has the ability to reach everywhere in the universe. You will grow strong in your lovelight as you use it. The brighter you shine the more you get to shine on, the more you shoot through the universe as endless manifestations of love.

Your love needs to flow to live, and needs to cycle like air to keep the tree of life alive. It needs to move around to be alive, send love anywhere you can imagine. Anywhere in time, anywhere in space, and know that all of the love in the universe can be directly accessed at every point within the universe because the universe is one.

Image by Meg Benedicte

Start small & send love to yourself.

 Send love your body, your mind, and your spirit.

You can do this most easily by surrounding yourself in a bubble of light. Power on your bubble by visualizing a ball of golden-white light growing from your heart center.

Feel this bubble as it grows around you. Feel its power and its warm tingle. Feel it healing you, pulling your energies up and out in harmony with all the higher versions of this bubble of love and light, all the way up to the source.

Then send the love to a specific part of your body. Feel how this love interacts with your system, learn to feel how this love is your electricity, making you strong, healing you.

Grow into the Infinite One

Photo by Colin Rex

Grow your bubble bigger, send your love to the room, as a bubble that extends from your heart space this bubble protects and powers you, and then grows bigger, doing built the whole room. Seal walls, corners, windows, floor, ceiling, all the way up and down with radiant light.

This is a light of true love. A light that makes people uninhibited by limiting beliefs. A light that inspires people to do what they truly desire. A light that brings all things to their true form of love and light. A light that dispels all negativity. Bask in this light as it charges your light as you breathe.

Visualize this light growing brighter. Shift your attention to different parts in your body, the different chakras if you wish, and see the light changed to different hues, different sounds, different feelings, as it adjusts to your vibration.

This is your love bubble, one with the whole universe, but unique with your specific frequency. Grow your love bubble bigger, to the size of your neighborhood. Visualize people becoming happy now, conflicts resolving, people growing and expanding their light in joy, facing unwanted energy and transforming it into something they want to be a part of. Visualize the energy of the trees and how it charges people.

Expanding the Lovelight

Breathe into your neighborhood, expanding the Lovelight. Focus on your chakras again, this time instead of projecting a vibration, hover outside of all of the chakras at once and feel what you are drawn to. See what hint of energy this bubble around your neighborhood has by taking note of the expanding energy. With your mind’s eye remove the darkness from it as you visualize the pure color. Visualize this color becoming brighter, more vibrant, and closer to you as you expand the color you have created to reach throughout this energy bubble, tuning the energy of the whole neighborhood.

[If you wish you can focus on each color for each level of this meditation. Focus on the color and then focus on it becoming more pure and radiant. Feel relaxed as anything that needs to get out flows through you and is healed. This will heal both you and the system energetically]

Photo by Jakob Owens

Grow larger,

to the size of your country if you wish (and repeat), or go straight to the size of the planet.

Now your love bubble is the love bubble of the entire planet. Take a moment here to surrender. Surrender the control of your generation of this energy bubble, surrender the control of your will so you can feel the will of the Earth herself. Now is your chance to connect, feel the love all over the world, smile, laugh, jump for joy as you taste a glimmering essential mist of the earth as it flows through you now.

Breathe in the sunrise, no matter where you are, become the day, feeling sunlight as you inhale fully. Breathe out the sunset, relaxing and releasing any tension, worry, and uncertainty into the night as you exhale. Take your time as you inhale and exhale pure spirit.

Stay here for as long as you wish, flying around the planet with every breath, a day in one breath. [This will slow down your energy]

Photo by Laib Khaled

As you revolve around the world, shine your light on the highest lights that you find on your path. Pay no special attention to whether these are places or people or events (no attachment), just shine your love on them, let them know that you are happy to be with them, that you are shining your love for them to use as they wish, that they are seen!!

Breathe in the North Pole, and on your journey of breath, float in the atmosphere along the lines of longitude, from the truth to the south pole, then back to the center of the Earth, as you complete your exhale. Become the light that protects the Earth, the electromagnetic field, and all of its frequencies. Become the love of the planet, as you reach outward into its electrical influence, feel your own body start to tingle, being sealed, restoring itself to its natural pattern stored in the electrical field of the earth. Rejoice in this connection, feel this love that Earth has for you, know this love that you have for the earth, feel this love.

Reaching for the Stars

Again, expand your bubble to the size of the solar system. Breathe into the Sun expanding your breath all the way outward to the reaches of Pluto, which is a planet, as you breathe in, and breathe out back to the center of the Sun. Stay here for as long as you wish, observing the planets and their motions, observing the relationships, the harmony of the relationships of these planets.

See, feel, and understand the power of alignment of the planet as you move to the electrical sphere of influence each planet has. Each planet never fully disconnected, always playing a symphony with all of the bodies in the solar system. Each planet having a vibration like a note of music. Hear these sounds and let them fill your body with love, joy, healing, and a sense of family love for your celestial neighbors.

Now you can expand when you’re ready, to the size of the galaxy. Now the symphony is so beautiful many lifetimes could be spent in a single moment observing. Melt down to the center black hole with your exhale and out to the last reaches with your inhale until you can feel all the vibrational symphonies of this reality. All the colors, all the shapes, all the expansions and paths of expansion are now tingles in your network of cells, communicating, allowing you to become their essence, for you are one, as a piece, as a part, you are the antenna of all.

Spend as long as you want here, and if you are ready, expand further with an inhale, see this galaxy go further down until it is small like the size of a cell in your body. You are now the body of the entire universe, Here time and space are but one expression of all that is, you now experience the absolute nothingness, and the all.

Starting to Glimpse Enlightenment by Douglas James

Breathe into the big bang, the expansion of the universe, all the way in, until you breathe every possible timeline, every possible manifestation of the universe. Relax your out-breath into nothingness. This is your power breath. This is the final expression of the earthly and celestial energy from the first breath in this exercise. The nothingness is the lowest energy, the balance of infinity. You draw the power to manifest anything up from this source to meet the highest celestial energy of all possibility, touching all realities with your focus on love.

Feel in awe of all of the possibilities there are. Appreciate how much your consciousness is in alignment with higher consciousness, for it has to be for you to be here.

Rejoice in your power as a co-creator, part of the infinite one. Remember your connection to both the infinite and the nothingness in every atom in your body.

All of the love of the universe is in every atom in your body.

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