Metatron’s Cube Heart Meditation

Metatron’s Cube Heart Meditation

The Metatron’s Cube (aka Merkaba) Heart Meditation is a breathing technique that involves visualizations to help get the body and mind and spirit and in tune with higher and lower vibrations, spinning them into an energy vehicle, Metatron’s Cube (the Merkaba), at the heart center.

Fractal Art by Sir Douglas Fresh (Me)

The core of this technique involves inhaling and energies from above and below, while aligning the center with these energies, then exhaling through the heart to fill up the body and beyond with love. This article will explain this a little bit deeper, but keep these two basic steps in mind.
1. Align and inhale earth and celestial energy into heart.
2. Exhale loving energy outward through heart chakra all around self and world.

Place your hands over your chest with the left-hand blow, and the right hand over top.

As you exhale, visualize bright energy from your heart filling up every part of your body as you feel relief, relaxation, peace.

Visualize loving heart energy coming through your left-hand circulating on the left side of your body, going to the right side, going around the right side of the body, going through the right-hand and back into the heart.

Allow and light to build, or a tingling sensation, or whatever comes as you visualize this loop. Continued to integrate your entire body circuitry into your visualizations of this light. Let the light flow into a figure 8 pattern as it goes through the left and right sides of your body.

As you inhale, imagine that you are in between the center of the Earth in the center of the sun, with the sun above you.

There is a light shooting from the beginning of the universe to the end of the universe, a great beam of loving radiant power.

This beam is shooting from the big bang to the center of the galaxy, to the center of the spiral of the arm of the galaxy, through our sun, through the center of the earth, then through your center, then connecting to the center of every atom within your system. Feel the joy of the universal truth of love!

Imagine you are floating in between the distance of the sun above your head in perfect alignment with your spine, and the lower energies of the earth perfectly aligned below the bottom of your spine. Within your heart space visualize two triangles, three-sided facing upward visualize this in reflection facing downward, spinning in a clockwise fashion if looked upon from above.

Tarantula Nebula

Imagine you are connected to the string between the center of the earth and the center of the sun, perfectly aligned.

You are being drawn upward as you receive a white light that enters through your crown into your head, face, cranium, spinal cord, glandular system, and every system of your body. Simultaneously you’re being drawn downward, towards the calm, cool energy of the earth. As you’re drawn down the triangle facing upwards spins, pulling energy up. As you’re pulled up the triangle facing down spins, pulling energy down.

Visualize a smaller version of your entire energetic body within your heart space. See this energetic body contained within a merkaba shape. Know that your regular sized energetic body is in the merkaba of a bigger, higher version of yourself and you are all of these versions, a Russian doll of energetic forms flowing each other the full spectrum of lovelight.

Love unlocks chemicals within the brain, created by the glands there. By loving our blood supply through the heart, we are able to trigger more production of these chemicals, making us feel good and be more in tune with the love all around.

As you exhale, feel love first for the magnetic magnificent a form of the heart and the light body you have placed there. Love it fully, let this expand naturally into your physical body.

As you visualize the love expanding, you may visualize the entire body getting larger and larger, until it is the size of the planet, solar system, the galaxy and all of creation. (Remember the Russian dolls)

Feel the articulation of the energy in all parts of your body as you become the universe. You have so many possibilities within you, so much energy within you, all of creation is within you

As you expand, focus on how much you love everything you see. See yourself fill up as the lights of all the galaxies within you grow brighter with your attention.

You connect with this specific vibration existing in the universe that you need right now to heal, to love, to create.

Continue with these breaths as long as you wish.

Breathe in the energy below you and above you, being pulled, spinning the Metatron’s cube within your heart.
Breathe out pure Love to radiate every part of your body and every part of the universe.

Continue to see yourself as the universe, and feel different parts of your body light up as they want to, pay attention to the spots that light up, feel them, let each part of your body know that they are loved and are doing a good job. Smile. You are love.

I Am Love.

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