“Operating as a collective consciousness, the Sassani are one step above us in light-density evolution (We are 3/4-going-to-4/5 they are 4/5-going-to-5/6).

They operate in a way congruent with 6th density, without polarity. According to Bashar, a messenger of the collective consciousness of Sassani, Earth, Sirius, and the Sassani planet Essassani act as a singular consciousness, so we are very close, on the same journey.

The Sassani, also known as the Shakani, are a humanoid alien race who live on the planet Essassani approximately 500 lightyears from Earth near the Orion constellation. The Sassani extraterrestrials are moving from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension. Sassani are humanoid with light greyish skin and enlarged eyes.

They received help from the Pleiadians and some other alien races.” — Video Excerpt