One of the most advanced species in the galaxy, the Arcturians are multidimensional beings with three fingers. They are great teachers and vibrational beings. They sense the vibrational aspect of reality. Their society and personal lives are based on vibration. The highest ranking members of society are those with the highest frequency. Mating takes place on a non-physical level.

Arcturians assist the human race to attain peace and spiritual development.

You can thank them for protecting our planet since our beginning. They are great teachers of love, and would love to teach you. Your pure intentions of love will attract them, and they will come to you through vibration.

These guides can allow you to see vibration like they do, unlocking a power of consciousness that helps you to understand the vibrational patterns of the universe in ways words cannot explain. These powers will remain with you as long as you can keep your vibration high through letting go of everything that isn’t on the vibration of love.

“Arcturians are a humanoid alien species, who lives in a planet, near the giant sun Arcturus. The Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. ?” — Video Excerpt