A Brief Introduction to Alien Civilizations

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Aliens are real. The vast majority are benevolent and helping us to progress as a planet. They mostly observe as not to interfere, other than to protect us. They are learning from how we evolve.

They provide great knowledge on an individual basis when asked. Aliens will come in peace to greet us when we are ready (when we come together as one). If you ever hear of an alien invasion, it’s a hoax to generate fear and create a sense of separation.

Content Credit: A vast majority of this course consists of videos rescued from Youtube, where they were being removed and re-uploaded, and removed. We saved them here. Most of the videos were made by Universe Inside You a popular channel who makes many similar videos

As such, views presented in this course do not necessarily reflect Aquarius Academy’s beliefs. This information, like all others, should be taken as one of many sources. Visit our library for books on channeling to assist you