Overview of Law of One Material

What is the Law of One material? It is channeled information from a social memory complex identified as Ra.

Learn More About Law Of One

Expose your mind to the main principles found in these readings without devoting the time to read (or listening to 1.2 days worth of material.) Or, if you have already read/listened to the reading, this video will help you to remember the main points of the Law of One material.

Here are some of the slides in the presentation:

Reincarnation Law of One
Reincarnation Law of One
The Working of Archetypes
The Working of Archetypes

Find out more about archetypes in Law of One material

Law of One Protecting Against Negativity
Law of One Protecting Against Negativity
See The Creator in All
See The Creator in All
Law of One Teaching Enlightenment
Law of One Teaching Enlightenment
Important Lesson On Staying Vital and Effective
Law of One Best Way To Serve Others
Best Way To Serve Others
know yourself love yourself become the creator
The Trifold Journey ~~ Know yourself, love yourself, become the creator

There are countless lessons to be taken from the material. If this is your first time exposing yourself to the material, you may feel overwhelmed. Once that feeling passes, feel excitement for all the things you will learn and be exposed to. Keep yourself open, and know that nothing is lost and all is well 🙂

See this as a journey of understanding, not something that needs to be understood today.

Work on learning the fundamentals:

  • Oneness
  • Nature of creator
  • Time/space vs Space/time
  • Density levels (Understand one at a time)
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Complex
  • Colors (called color-ray energy)

{Note: Also read about fractals and fractal geometry in other sources]

lawofone.info also provides a short synopsis here

Once you have the fundamentals, then allow yourself to delve into the material about reincarnation, entities and their intentions, the mechanisms of protecting the earth, the galactic federation, history of the earth, crystals, pyramids, etc. It is not as efficient to gain a solid perspective on something like reincarnation without first becoming comfortable with time/space, oneness, and the mind/body/spirit complex.

Keep an open mind, and always know that you are the creator, and you can use this information as you wish. Hold intentions of becoming a higher vibrational version of yourself, making the world better, or something else that is growth-oriented. Focus on the application in making your journey more full of joy and love, and less of suffering.

For the lightworker, this information is invaluable to understanding the mechanisms of light itself, and how this light is the expression of the infinite creator. For anyone who is developing lightworking abilities, but being blocked by their own brain from going further down the rabbit hole, Law of One can help your brain understand how it is possible you are gaining the powers you now feel.

The idea of unity, a lack of polarity, is one that might prevent all wars if accepted by a majority of beings on the planet.

It is also good to be familiar with the people and methods used to gain the materials. You can learn about the group here.

Also, check out the author’s youtube

And his website, DisclosureColorado.com

Thanks for being Awesome,

-Douglas James

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