22 Archetypes

Here are 22 archetypes as suggested by RA. There is a PDF download at the bottom.

“It is, however, far better to realize that the archetypes, while constant in the complex of generative energies offered, do not give the same yield of these complexes to any two seekers. Each seeker will experience each archetype in the characteristics within the complex of the archetype which are most important to it.” – Ra

There are 7 Classifications broken down into Mind, Body & Spirit, and the 22nd, The Choice, by itself

The Great Way
The Choice

Ra Excerpts

“The archetypical mind is a great and fundamental portion of the mind complex, one of its most basic elements and one of the richest sources of information for the seeker of the One Infinite Creator. To attempt to condense the archetypes is to make an erroneous attempt. Each archetype is a significant ding an sich, or thing in itself, with its own complex of concepts. While it is informative to survey the relationships of one archetype to another it can be said that this line of inquiry is secondary to the discovery of the purest gestalt or vision or melody which each archetype signifies to both the intellectual and intuitive mind.” – Ra

“We ask that you consider that the archetypical mind informs those thoughts which then may have bearing upon the mind, the body, or the spirit. The archetypes do not have a direct linkage to body or spirit. All must be drawn up through the higher levels of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and thence they may flee whither they have been bidden to go. When used in a controlled way they are most helpful. ” – Ra

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Also, check out this search to find the Law of One material dealing with archetypes

..and full PDFs from Law of One Here: http://www.lawofone.info/pdfs/


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