Wim Hof Breathing Technique Step By Step Tutorial (And Beyond)

Wim Hof Breathing Technique Step By Step Tutorial (And Beyond)

Become a superhuman: Learn a supercharged version of the technique and awesome-sauce variations. Also, I included the original Wim Hoff breathing technique is here too.

Be open to letting go your mindstate, to set aside all the things drawing you in different directions and just be present. Here you will have the opportunity to experience your consciousness in a new way, putting aside your old mind and awakening a new state of clear by changing your body

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor and see if you’re healthy enough to do this technique before starting.
If you are looking for the original technique, it’s at the bottom.

Step 1: Get Grounded

Sit down or lie down in a comfortable position. Do not stand because you may become lightheaded or pass out during these exercises. Getting lightheaded is very good, as it is allowing the bioelectrical system within your body to reset.

Allow yourself time to settle in this position, and to align your posture. You may choose to close your eyes. Take this time to start getting touch with your body. Feel the dialogue within yourself. Experience this dialogue exchange throughout the exercise.

Visualize your column of light. This is a tube of light which runs up and down your center, which is in front of your spine, connecting all of your energy centers (Chakras). Allow yourself to become fully aligned with the center of the Earth and the center of the Sun. Get super grounded, relaxed, yet active in posture.

You can choose to visualize yourself floating in space equidistant from the Earth and the Sun, with beams running between these points and your column of light running through your center.

As you breathe in, you are pulled up higher, extending and becoming more aware of the column of light coming through the crown. As you exhale you’re relaxing deeper and deeper, becoming connected through the tailbone/ bottom of the feet to the light connecting you to the core of the Earth.

Step 2: Power Breaths

We are going to start with 30 power breaths. Inhale fully, to the top of your lungs. You may choose to try to inhale into your solar plexus or stomach if you prefer, however breathing into the chest is beneficial as it will allow your body to naturally stretch upward, and align itself.

Breathe in fully while aligned, and exhale partially, without actually trying to exhale, just releasing your inhale.

Super Breaths

When you reach the end, do five to ten deeper inhales then you have before (We will call these Super Breaths). If you can really work it, five is plenty, but if you feel like you want more after 5, go for 10.

Step 3: Out and In

Take your last full breath in, making it extra full, and exhale fully, be sure to get all of the air out of your lungs as physically possible.

Inhale fully and hold for a count of 15. You may sip more air in as you continue your count. You may feel very tingly or lightheaded during this. Relax and fully feel this sensation. Feel the massage inside your body, relax into the energy. As you relax you will feel any tension you have in your abdomen and chest.

Step 4: The Hold

Exhale until you’re comfortable and hold as long as you can.

Exhale slowly, going slower and slower as you reach your point of comfort. When you reach your point of comfort, hold your breath for as long as you can.

This is the magic, people.

As you’re holding your breath visualize yourself in alignment, sinking into the Earth energies below you while aligned with your column drawing you up and down. Relax but stay active in posture. You will start to feel different consistencies in your conscious perception of your body. Notice which of these give you a block or an area that is not fully permeated as the waves of your consciousness go through your body.

Allow your attention to go to these places, while you hold your connection in your core to the core of the earth. Focus on the sensations fully, you will be amazed how you can sense your innards like you may have never before. Allow these pieces to loosen as the energy then goes about its regular business. Feel as the energy of the earth comes up the spine and into these places.

Instead of panicking due to lack of air, feel light entering to fuel your cells. Forget your normal human thought process and fully enter the visual world of tingles all around you, lights, colors, fractal patterns. When you can’t hold your breath any longer, slowly exhale the last bit of air. Be sure to exhale every last bit of air.

Step 5: Revive

Now inhale fully, slowly.

Hold this breath for a 15 count while you use both hands to slap your body, starting at your lower abdomen and going up to the heart. Then you can do your hands and arms, slapping towards the heart. Do your head which you can slap or tap, and your face and neck. You can also slap your feet and legs, back, and sacrum. The most beneficial areas I have found are the bottoms of the feet — opening up the connection to the Earth, palms — opening up our connection to the past and future, the head — releasing stress, the chest, releasing the heart, and the sacrum, activating the chi energy pump.

Now return to slow breathing until your heart rate is normal.

Repeat this technique at least three times.

I recommend doing this in the morning, midday and at night, and as needed. Try the quickie mentioned below when you’re on the go and don’t have a lot of time.

Photo by Joshua Earle


Try these variations to take your practice a step forward.


Color Chakra Opening

Repeat this exercise one time for each chakra. Focusing your attention on the chakra and related organs as you practice. While you do this you may also surround yourself with the color of light of the chakra. As you inhale, visualize breathing into the area of focus. Feel the tingle as the energy is heightened, and allow your consciousness to follow it, Only observing, as it moves around.

When you are holding your exhale, take time to relax that chakra, and become fully aware of it, pulling in the energy to heal.

Light Ball

Do this entire technique visualizing yourself floating in a ball of light. Feel the ball of light coming into you, through the Crown, and through all of the energy centers in your body, radiating out to the furthest reaches of your limbs.

Light Body

As you do this exercise, visualize a perfected Lightbody in front of you. While exhaling and holding, let your attention drift and relax your focus as you’re drawn to places that need work within your body. You will in fact be working on your own body. For more information, read articles in this publication and on Aquarius Academy about lightbodies.

Solar Chi Willpower Booster

This can be done with or without the Wim Hof breathing technique. Visualize a ball of light in front of your solar plexus. As you breathe in, feel your energy connecting in a huge, powerful string of light several inches wide. Really get into this visualization, feeling your abdomen being pulled in this direction. This is especially beneficial if you have soreness in your abdomen, and will start to awaken these parts with your bodily energies so that you can later massage away the tension.

Physical Variations


If you’ll have a short period of time, you can simply do 10 massive inhales, with the same partial exhale, ending in an exhale where you hold as long as you can, and then slow breathing.

Cold Water

This technique has been proven to be extremely beneficial to the immune system when done in the cold or submerged in cold water. If you do this in the shower, do it sitting down, facing away from the water. It’s also great to do sitting in a river or icebath.

Sparkly Balloon

Warning: High chance of passing out. This will push your veins to the limit. Start slowly. However, doing this technique will work your circulatory system and make it more fit in the future.

In this variation, instead of holding in your breath for the 15 count before you exhale, you hold in your breath in as long as you can. This will make your sparkly sensations very heightened. You don’t have to hold it in all the way, you can also start your exhale when you reach the peak of tingling sensations in your body, up to you. When doing this variation is very important to have a balanced exhale, and exhale fully outward. You can then start slowly breathing.

Empty Hold

Instead of breathing out until you are comfortable, breathe out every last drop of air in your lungs. The rest is the same.

The Build

In this variation, your power breathes become more and more intense as you continue. Start with 10 normal power breaths, the next 10 to go even deeper, and the last 10 go as deep as you possibly can. Then continue with the rest of the breathing technique.

The Original Wim Hof Method

  1. Get comfortable and aligned.
  2. Do 30 power breaths.
  3. Make sure you go super deep on the last few.
  4. On the last breath, exhale completely.
  5. Hold this for as long as you can. See above for instructions on moving the energy around.
  6. Inhale a big breath and immediately start the next round.

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Article Written by Douglas James