Become a Teacher

Do you have a message that you want to share to help progress our collective consciousness? We allow a select number of teachers to put their free courses on our site. We thank you for dedicating your energy to helping others evolve their consciousness.


I am a new student to Oneness, Love, and Light, but I still want to teach

You can help by collecting resources and sharing them in the Facebook Group. You will be at the forefront of learning in the process and help me and other teachers to hand down the right information at the right time.


I’m already a lightworker learner/teacher and have teachings I would like to share

Here’s how it works.

We will share your free teachings with our students. I will create a page for you and you can update it with whatever you want. You will get an account where you can upload a course to the Aquarius.Academy website. You can also simply link to a youtube playlist you have created if you wish.

Please fill out the Become a Teacher form to make our relationship official. I review each application personally and will contact you.


I’m already a teacher [Or lightworker who wishes to teach], but don’t have digital works to share

Start by contributing and interacting with the members of our Facebook group, including myself (Douglas James). We can point you in the direction.

Or, you can share your resources on the Facebook page and it will make it down to other teachings.


I want to be a teacher, but don’t think I am ready yet. 

You don’t have to be a teacher to help out. Visit our Helping Hands page to learn how you can contribute and join our creators’ page where you can share learning resources you have found on your journey, which will be turned into teaching material.


Please Note:

You retain all rights to your works. You can post it elsewhere, sell it, do whatever you want. We require the free aspect of your course and will provide it for free. I am considering offering courses on Skillshare that are labeled Premium but free coupon codes are offered in the description and on this site. This will be so premium member’s time will generate monetary donations (no additional cost for them to take, its part of their subscription fee), yet regular members can still take the course for free. The course will still be available for free on this site. You have the option to do this or not.