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Please read the Requirements and Instructions below before submitting your Online Course.

Note: Content will always be published in your name, and we can link back to your website and social media.

Requirements to Submit your Online Course

1. The course must be an original creation. For your video lessons, you can't use content like photos, music, and video clips unless you have the rights/license to use it.

2. The subject must be related to one or more of the tags listed in the form below. The content must respect the "Free Will" of the students. We will not accept courses that seek to impose beliefs.

3. The course must be well organized, we recommend to categorize the lessons in different sections for the benefit of your students.

Instructions to Submit your Online Course

1. Read the List of Requirements above to prevent any issues during the approval process.

2. This 2-part step is very important. First, you will create a course structure document. Then, upload your video lessons and the course structure document to a single Google Drive folder.

2.1 Create a Google Docs with the Course Structure. It must contain the following information:
- Title of the Course.
- General description of the Course (under 2000 characters).
- Thumbnail image for the Course (1920 x 1080px is best).
- List of the Sections and their respective lessons.
- Brief description for each of the sections.
- Optional: Include a brief description for each lesson.
- Profile Picture of the instructor(s).

2.2 Create a New Folder on your Google Drive containing the Course Structure Document and all the Video Lessons of your course. If you have any additional resources for your course, include it in this folder as well.

Finally, share the folder to the e-mail: [email protected]

3. Fill the Submission Form below and make sure to review it twice before submitting.

4. After submitting, we may contact you for additional information if necessary. Please add our email: [email protected] to you contact list.

Otherwise, our messages could be lost in the spam box.

5. If your course was approved, in 5 to 7 days you will receive a thank you e-mail that will include the link to your new Online Course.

You will then find your course on Aquarius.Academy!

Form to Submit your Online Course