Download The Library of Thoth Vol 1

I wanted to get up something quick for all my friends at Big Dub. So I did.

This website will eventually house an entire school designed to help The people of this planet.

For now, you can download the CD I am handing out around camp.

Download Now

The Aquarius Academy is a school founded to help the beings of planet Earth to transition into the love and light abounding in the Aquarian age.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Academy freely transmit information from teachers of the past. The Academy and its lightworkers also works to produce fresh explanations of the mysteries of the universe to be better understood by the peoples of this age. By connecting what is technologically possible with our desires to learn, we hope to grow a beautiful web of light beings helping each other and the planet through understanding and utilizing collective consciousness.

I find there to be two different ways to look at the world. Nothing is magic, or everything is magic. In addition to esoteric knowledge, the Aquarius Academy teaches the magic of everything, and describes this magic as life force energy known as chi, ki, ka, prana, the force.