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Lightwork Courses ▾
  • Taoist Yoga
  • What is CHI

An Introduction for All Levels


This course will cover some simple and effective Taoist yoga-based chi flows that anyone can do. IT also incorporates elements from a variety of disciplines. These flows are based on the movements of Taoist Yoga, Tai chi, Vinyasa yoga, Monkey Kung-fu and Qigong.

Taoist Yoga

Intro to Chi Energy [Prana, Ki, Lightwork, Reiki, Lovelight, Energy Work]


This course will teach you simple exercises to feel your chi. This introductory course has at its core personal experience, your experience of chi. This gives you a new dialogue to open up with your body. I hope to catalyze this for you by creating a space (albeit virtual) for you to open your mind and look into your body.

What is CHI

Universal Consciousness Courses
  • Intro to Universal Consciousness
  • A Brief Introduction to Alien Races

Universal Consciousness: Densities, Dimensions, and Matrices


Join me in our latest and greatest ego-shattering course on Universal Consciousness. I'll share with you a model of universal consciousness consisting of channeled work blended with modern theoretical physics. 



An Introduction for All Levels


Aliens are real. The vast majority are benevolent and helping us to progress as a planet. They mostly observe as not to interfere, other than to protect us. They are learning from how we evolve. They provide great knowledge on an individual basis when asked. Aliens will come in peace to greet us when we are ready (when we come together as one). If you ever hear of an alien invasion, it’s a hoax to generate fear and create a sense of separation.

A Brief Introduction to Alien Races

Personal Growth Courses ▾
  • Five Steps To Awakening Your True Self
  • The Hidden Power of Smiling

Become a Master of the Universe


In this course, I will outline the 5 steps to becoming a master of the universe, following the 5 steps by Mantak Chia in his books. Merging Mantak Chia’s steps with my explanations of integrating love and light into the body, you will know how to let love balance you, transform you, and unlock your chakras as you release your shadow self to become the purest force in the universe, lovelight.

Without learning to first conserve and balance chi, you will have many problems as you increase and start to manifest your energy. Avoid the complications and do it right from the start!!

The Steps

  1. Conserve Lovelight (energy) : Stop wasting your energy.
  2. Balance Lovelight : Let love heal you.
  3. Transform Lovelight : Turn negative into positive, dark into light.
  4. Increase Lovelight : Get to Super Sayain Level 1.
  5. Manifest Lovelight : As you discover your destiny as the one.

Five Steps To Awakening Your True Self

An Introduction for All Levels


In this course I will get you excited about the power that you have hidden on your face. Ah, there it is, there it is, a SMILE!!!

We will learn to generate positive energy in our life using our smile.

We will discuss the benefits of smiling, your health, the health of others, and the big prize, using smiles to manifest anything you want into your reality.


The Hidden Power of Smiling

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