Our Mission

Our Mission

The Aquarius Academy is the 3d manifestation of a higher density collection of energy that serves to protect and guide life in this and many other universes. We are the great architects of this realm of life and are constantly broadcasting messages of evolution in a timeless way that can be decoded by the pure of heart and intention, and encoded into the DNA and energetic bodies of those who intend to evolve.

The higher density of this exists in something like a circular castle of pillars of white light, each pillar being able to be broken down into the full spectrum of color and vibration. this castle of light exists more or less over every sentient being in the galaxy, as their energetic guide. Each being has the ability to choose to activate this light, and in the light is something the people of the planet have called the Akashic Record, or many other names. Purity of heart and intention are required to interact with this record, as it is the vibrational dialogue. This dialogue takes place in the spectrum we call lovelight, a frequency resonating with the highest vibration, the vibration of the universe itself, of oneness.


Together we have the power to curate the learning experience for new seekers of the truth, so their path is full of joy and love instead of unnecessary suffering. We humbly serve to raise the new seeds seeking light by giving them the proper soil, water, light, and nutrients to grow. 

This journey is an uncovering. The power of the light is within us all, we are all one and we will all be there in the end. We are on the path of transmutation. We are transmuting our self-accepted pain caused by our beliefs that fall short of the one universal truth, that of love, into a higher acceptance of ourselves and our chosen purpose.

Individually we are breaking free off the illusion of the mind, and together we are freeing our Brothers & Sisters of light,  or offering them the choice to free themselves. This movement is far beyond the walls of this or any other organization.

Here in 3d, we hope to be unique in our service by utilizing modern technology to create a reliable, lasting resource that will remain for thousands of years until it is redundant in our culture as it exists in our collective consciousness.


To do this, we have planned four phases, modeled after the densities of light in our universe, according to the law of one.


Creation Phase

  • Manifesting Aquarius Academy as a school, website, open source ‘brand’,  online learning platform, including our story, operation, mascots, and offerings
  • Collecting & sharing information from historical sources and beyond
  • Connecting with Teachers and allowing them to post free resources

Growth Phase

  • Spreading Ideas throughout and beyond the online realm
  • Creating condensed versions of important resources for quick reference
  • Becoming a multi-national US-based non-profit organization
  • Allowing natural growth to shape the organization
  • Utilizing physical spaces to teach in order to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible, though not permanent school locations (yet)


Conscious Phase

  • Collective conscious dialogue of light is understood and being used by lightworkers incarnate here to complete individual and collective path of purpose
  • The Academy is now a self-contained entity, making decisions that will best fit our service as a part of the collective consciousness of earth
  • Teachings are combined and streamlined to illustrate concepts while remaining true to the source
  • All original sources maintained in a digital library, free to all
  • Our purpose means, and identity are re-evaluated and streamlined to best fit our service
  • Moving to physical spaces to teach permanently (Physical Schools of Consciousness)
  • Planning and building energetic spaces for conscious expansion


Love and Light Phase

  • Loving connections between the people of the planet culminating in a collective consciousness allows us to grow together
  • Every being is able to communicate with and use the source energy, as a working part and whole of the collective consciousness
  • All teachings are integrated into the teaching systems of this planet
  • Child are raised learning the teachings of oneness, love, and light without leaving their default teaching environment
  • Oneness is considered common knowledge and understood by scientists through a new science taking into account the role of perception
  • Physical energetic spaces around the world supporting the architecture of a global collective consciousness


Who are we? Check out our Temple Branding model.


  • A collective consciousness of lovelight connecting all of the life on the planet
  • A collective of lightworkers who are here to learn and teach.
  • Expediting our current evolution of consciousness through the sharing of knowledge, personal insight, and loving guidance.
  • A world where love and light are in abundance, shining through ignorance and darkness
  • A network of schools that permeates the world and web to educate the most inspired students



Our mission is simply to catalyze, preserve, and spread teachings of love and light. We catalyze experiences of love and light through learning on the largest and smallest scales imaginable. We provide tools to help in activating their mind, body, and spirit while on this planet.



  • To collect, organize, preserve, and freely distribute the teachings of the greatest teachers of conscious material, maintaining a continually growing record of knowledge.
  • Providing tools to help people know themselves, align in love, and create the new reality
  • Giving teachers a good way to connect with people around the world
  • To promote oneness, the nature of truth, and the knowledge of the universe.
  • To merge science and knowledge of one.
  • Encouraging expansion of conscious experience



  • Helping
  • Oneness (LoveLight)
  • Plenty
  • Experience

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