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The best part of learning is TEACHING!!

The best part of teaching is LEARNING!!

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I am a new student to Oneness, Love, and Light, but I still want to teach

tldr: Keep notes. Share notes. Join a group.

Great!! You have a great potential to help others like yourself through their journey. As you find your path, keep notes of the teachers that taught you the most and what they taught you. Keep a link to the resource, or the name of the book. You will want to keep a Google document of this information so you can easily share it.

Of course, you can go through this journey “on your own,” (though you are never alone), and some lessons are best learned like this. Many lessons are more joyous when they are shared with others. You have the opportunity to be a catalyst for other selves, as they are for you. You can get together with a group if you want. Or make a Facebook group. The world is your oyster.

Want to help even more? Check out our Helping Hand page to see what we need to evolve this organization.

I’m already a lightworker learner/teacher and have teachings I would like to share

You da man!!! Or woman!! Here’s how we can join forces:

If you have a youtube channel, or other media online, we can link you and add you to our teachers. If you wish to contribute to the website more, just let me know. You will be given privileges so you can edit your page, and add whatever you want.

Please fill out the Become a Teacher form to make our relationship official. I review each application personally and will contact you.


I’m already a teacher [Or lightworker who wishes to teach], but don’t have digital works to share

That’s cool too!! We can help you learn to get your teachings recorded [Link Needed] if that is what you desire. If you see your teachings taking on another form, we can offer you encouragement and guidance along the way.


I want to be a teacher, but don’t think I am ready yet. 

You don’t have to be a teacher to help out. Visit our Helping Hands page to learn how you can contribute.

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