Crystal Resources

Crystal Resources

The Official Aquarius Academy List of Crystal Resources

About This List: Here you will find resources, books, and more to help you understand and use crystals, minerals, and rocks. For the sake of brevity, they will just be called crystals here.

Watch Crystal Movies & Documentaries

List of Skills

Identifying Crystals – Get to know some common crystals and what they do. A book will help, but you can find resources online also!! (Links below)

Feeling Crystals Energies – Take time to ground yourself while doing these exercises. If you are feeling many crystals, like at a shop, you may need to put your feet/hands on the ground between holding, or mentally ground yourself. Drink plenty of water (as with any energy work). Let the energy of the earth and cosmos ignite the crystal, don’t try to focus your bodily energy too much. You will feel the crystal, don’t put too much effort into it.

To feel a crystal, simply hold it in your right hand, and hold your left hand over it (this is just one technique). What you feel will be a combination of the physical presence of the crystal (like the coolness in your hand), the metaphysical properties of the crystal

Here are some concepts related to crystal work

Clearing Crystals – Cleaning crystals removes frequency build up that is not natural to the Crystal itself. When you program a crystal with intention you should clear it before setting a new intention.

Charging Crystals – Charging crystals uses the power of External energy sources to make the crystals natural properties more affective, as well as fine-tune the energies for harmonizing with the intention you have set for your work.

Making Requests to Crystals

Crystal Grids

Wearing Crystals


There are many books about crystals available today. Here are some major titles & authors.

Crystal Bibles and Reference Books

Crystal Bible Vol 1,2,3 & Crystal Encyclopedia by Judy Hall

Crystal Book Author’s Amazon Pages

Judy Hall Books  Judy Hall is the most prolific author on crystals to date. Her crystal bibles are a must-have for anyone wanting to geek-out on some crystal knowledge. Her other books help with everything from developing crystal healing skills to psychic abilities. 

Robert Simmons Books

Micheal Gienger Books

Free PDFs

Advanced Practices

Crystalizing Human Energy