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Hey, Awesome Person! Thanks for helping!!!!

There are many ways you can help out at The Academy. Since Aquarius Academy is an open source brand, you get to run the show! Of course, we have a general idea of what we want to accomplish and how to do it, so read on to find out what we are looking for.

We are currently in the Creation Phase (Click to learn more) of Aquarius Academy. That means there are lots of opportunities to make a huge difference in the lives of every person The Academy helps in the future.


If you are creating a list for The Academy, please use Google Documents or Google Sheets, that way we can collaborate.

How You Can Help

  • Be an Admin to our Facebook Page
    • Upload pictures, videos, and provide information and links to information.
      • Possible Sources: Wikimedia (For things like Greek gods, history texts, etc.)
    • Post bright, inspirational, loving content
    • Provide Links to great Youtube Videos
  • Manage or contribute to our Instagram: @AquariusAcademy
  • Manage or contribute to our Twitter: @AcademyAquarius
  • Collect the great works
    • Create a list of Authors [Find Some Ideas Here]
    • Collect lists of resources per author or per civilization, ideology, etc. You can then pass these off to another helper, or make a page for the site.
  • Administer Academy.Aquarius
    • **Must be familiar with running a WordPress site.**
    • Moderate Content
    • Add Pages
      • Create New Content
      • Share Content
        • Ancient artifacts, pictures, meaning
        • Make a page for teachers you admire, telling about their work and providing links (Also Here)
  • Tell People About Aquarius Academy
    • Tell your (cool) friends
    • Share a link to the site
      • Link a forum, post, the main site (You can share using the buttons on a page or post)
    • Buy Our Gear