Smiling To Success

Manifesting With Your Smile


We will go through the steps to manifesting, and learn the importance of breathing while focusing attention.

Smiling allows you to focus your attention on something you want.  Learn to train yourself to evoke certain emotion when you smile. Find out what may be holding you back from utilizing your full potential as a smiley happy person.




Welcome to this course on smiling. In this course I will get you excited about the power that you have hidden on your face. Ah, there it is, there it is, a SMILE!!!

We will learn to generate positive energy in our life using our smile.

We will discuss the benefits of smiling, your health, the health of others, and the big prize, using smiles to manifest anything you want into your reality.

This may seem like a strange topic, but it’s really the most basic human topic that you should have learned about in grade school!! I mean, I hope you were full of smiles in grade school, but do you still smile like that?!

Together let’s dive in to the most basic tool for making your life awesome.

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