Our Mission

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Our Mission

The Aquarius Academy is a school founded to help the beings of planet Earth to transition into the love and light abounding in the Aquarian age. For Law of One students, this is third to fourth density. To find out about our founding goals, see the Our Temple section of this page.

Here you will find no ‘great truth’ or ‘hidden knowledge’. The truths you will create for yourself, the knowledge you will decipher yourself. Each individual being creates their own truth through beliefs that they live with in their reality. Our role is to help the individual realize truths that are most in tune with their path and the universal truth of oneness. We will help you to do this by providing you with the great works of the past and present. Different beliefs serve different people. We hope to help the people who are not satisfied with their belief system and want to grow. We will help you gain as many points of perspective as you wish along your journey. 


In this day and age, information is practically free to access. In fact, there is so much good information that is is hard to keep track of it all. That’s how we can help each other – to find and share information. Aquarius Academy provides courses, links to video and other resources from amazing teachers, sacred texts, and forums to discuss things like Yoga, Healing Meditation, Oils and more


Together we have the power to curate the learning experience for new seekers of the truth, so they their path is full of joy and love instead of unnecessary suffering. We humbly serve to raise the new seeds seeking light by giving them the proper soil, water, light, and nutrients to grow. 


Aquarius Academy is not unique in this purpose, as many have been fulfilling the learner/teacher role for a long time. How we hope to be unique in our service is to create a reliable, lasting resource that will remain for thousands of years, until being dissolved into the civilization and culture.


To do this, we have planned four phases, modeled after the densities of light in our universe, according to the law of one.


Creation Phase

  • Manifesting The Academy as a website, open source ‘brand’,  online learning platform
  • Collecting information for sharing
  • Connecting Teachers

Growth Phase

  • Spreading Ideas throughout and beyond the online realm
  • Creating condensed versions of resources for quick reference
  • Becoming a multi-national non-profit organization
  • Allowing natural growth to shape the organization
  • We are utilizing physical spaces to teach in order to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible, though not permanent school locations


Conscious Phase

  • The Academy is now its own entity, making decisions that will best fit our service
  • Teachings are combined and streamlined to illustrate concepts while remaining true to source,
  • All original sources maintained in digital library
  • Our purpose, means, and identity are re-evaluated to best fit our service
  • We are moving to physical spaces to teach permanently  


Love and Light Phase

  • We are in the Love and Light phase when there is no need for the Academy
  • All teachings are integrated into the teaching systems of this planet
  • Every child is taught the teachings of oneness, love, and light without leaving their default teaching environment
  • Oneness is considered common knowledge and understood by scientists and children alike


Who are we? Check out our Temple Branding model.


  • Catalyzing the learning and teaching of love, light, and consciousness
  • To energize the Mind Body and Spirit for all who wish to learn/teach



  • A world where love and light prevail through the understanding of oneness and nothingness.
  • A network of schools that permeates the world to educate the most inspired students.
  • A network of lightworkers who are here to learn and teach.
  • Helping others to help themselves and others through sharing knowledge, personal insight, and loving guidance.



Our mission is simply to collect, preserve, and spread love and light. We catalyze experiences of love and light through learning on the largest and smallest scales imaginable. We guide all who seek help in growing their mind, body and spirit while on this planet.



  • To collect, organize, preserve, and freely distribute the teachings of the greatest teachers of conscious material.
  • To promote oneness, the nature of truth, and the knowledge of the universe.
  • To merge science and knowledge of one by unifying quantum and classical mechanics.
  • To maintain a continually growing and changing record.


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